Stacy London | Part 2


Stacy London | Part 2

Part TWO from our shoot with Stacy London.

Film. Shot by Geneva Hopson. Enjoy!

You have a book coming out! Would love to hear about it. Any highlights you're especially excited about?

Well, I hope the book will come out. I’ve been stuck for 2 years with the proposal. Not quite sure why, but something is stopping me from finishing and getting it out there. But it’s a book on aging and Style and reevaluating a place in the world as we age. It’s never been as complicated as it is in the digital age. The world feels so scary now. Maybe that’s part of it. Or maybe I’m more scared than I thought I was to write about it. In any case, it’s called 'The Evolutionary Woman.' And let’s hope I get it done, because I do think it could be a super helpful and relatable guide for women, generally. You won’t have to be old to read and appreciate it!

Favorite feel-good ritual?

A hot bath. A crystal reading. Honey Lavender tea and a face mask. I’m pretty easy to please really. Oh, add in a little chocolate or Mezcal. 😉