Stacy London | Part 1


Stacy London | Part 1

Stacy London is a lady who needs no introduction. The stylist to end all stylists and the epitome of grace, we are beyond proud to call her a friend and supporter.

So we were beyond excited when a simple studio visit slowly evolved into something more. Before we knew it, we were driving upstate to a gorgeous house in Stonybrooke, NY, which just also happened to the former home & studio of Jasper Johns?! Scrappy ladies that we are, we decided to shoot & document the whole thing ourselves (with the help of some fancy new equipment of course).

Which brings us to - Part 1, digital. Shot by Ilana Kohn. Enjoy!

We shot you completely sans make-up! How did that feel?!

See my insta post! I wrote all about it.

"I wore @ilanakohn’s jumpsuits way before I ever met her. Since then we’ve become fast friends and avid animals lovers. I was so honored that she asked to shoot me in her Fall Collection. She found this amazing old studio of Jasper Johns to use as our location, brought lights and shot everything on digital (so multi-talented!) So a huge thank you to her, also thank you to @thegenevaconvention who shot ACTUAL film, and @ilanaelizabeth who shot all these behind the scenes moments and of course, @doratheexploralondon for tagging along and stealing the spotlight as always.

Today was a real lesson in grace for me. It was humid and there was no getting around my frizzy hair. There was no hair stylist. There was no makeup artist. Ilana said she’d prefer I not wear any makeup whatsoever. I’m not sure I’ve ever done that on a photo shoot before, to be honest. I felt my vanity kick right in and say: “You look old. You look fat. You lost all your muscle. You have flabby arms. You don’t look cool. You’re not relevant or good or special. Your smile is crooked and you don’t know how to pose. Who do you think you are?” So I had to make a choice. I replied and said: “Thanks so much for your input. Now please fuck off and be frightened and hateful somewhere else. Let me enjoy my day.” You know what? I had a great time.❤️"

Tell us the story of how Dora managed to worm her way into your life?

Oh, she just got right in there. My last cat, Baby Al died a year before I adopted Dora. I’ve really only ever been a cat lady and all three were black Maine Coons which look more like pumas than cats. Beaker died when she was very young. Moo died when he was 16. But Al made it to 20. Losing Moo and Al were both so hard, but Al was the first time in half my life I didn’t have a pet. I didn’t want a dog. They are so much work. Dora was up for adoption from the daycare where my sister takes her dachshund, Francine. Francine and Dora were besties and my sis said we should make them first cousins. I was just gonna foster her for the weekend. The first day I just couldn’t tire her out and she was up all night barking. The second day I walked her for two hours and that night, she curled up near my tummy under the covers and fell fast asleep. When I woke up, she was under my chin. She looked up at me with her big eyes and that was it. She was always mine. I asked her if she wanted to grow old with me and that was two years ago. It’s been an adjustment and a lot of responsibility but she has babysitters and lots of friends and we manage. Can’t imagine life without her now.

What is the cutest thing Dora has ever done?

Definitely the sleep cuddle. See above.