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Sarah Nsikak


Sarah Nsikak

On the off chance you aren't already familiar with the gorgeous textile work of La Reunion, please meet Sarah Nsikak and her incredible patchwork creations! We love seeing how she goes about creating garments that are truly sustainable and the social ethos behind her beautiful work.

Sarah was kind enough to let us come by her new apt in Bedstuy for an afternoon of dress-up and shop talk. Please enjoy! :)

Tell us a little about your process and how sustainability and fashion go hand in hand with your brand?

My process starts with sourcing. I source vintage and deadstock materials through online sellers and brands that store their remnants at the same cutting room I use. I choose fabric that is made out of natural fibers and my selection of prints and patterns is very edited. I've gotten good at buying only what I know I'll use to cut down on waste. I source a range of weaves and fibers, keeping in mind the requests of customers in the queue and my personal design aesthetic. When designing dresses, I create color stories based off of the customer's requests. From there, I mix prints, solids and different textures to create unique pieces that feel as much like home to the customer as possible. My color stories are inspired by African and other places I've been (India, Paris, parts of upstate New York), films I've seen and NYC street style.

Social ethos is also a huge part of your work. Would love to hear more about that and the digital (& otherwise) community that you've been able to foster!

It feels like my work exists in a small corner of the internet, and I really appreciate the discourse I've been able to safely enter in that space. We talk about the dichotomy that is making things while hating capitalism and really challenge the "in and out" natural of fashion. I also feel its important to elevate the stories of my African ancestors and the surrounding African artists whose work was looting and stolen. I feel their stories, the Namibian women, the Asafo people, the Ibibio tribe, the Nok culture of Nigeria.. the list is endless. We don't learn about them in western society, and it has been healing and redemptive for me to share their stories with an engaged audience that will join in celebrating them.

Any exciting projects on the horizon we should know about?!

We have a few collaborations coming out soon, and personally I have an art opening at [Grifter]( (lower east side) on May 11th! I'm really excited to share more of my personal work in a small and very special gallery run by a dear friend. Looking forward to the warm months ahead!