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Robin Reetz


Robin Reetz

We are so excited to kick off into Spring having a coffee date with our friend Robin Reetz and her pup Lola! We swung by Peck's, one of our favorite spots in Clinton Hill to snap some shots and catch up. :)

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.

I'm a Brooklyn-based writer and editor working in the fashion and editorial space. I manage editorial at Club Monaco now and was previously at Barneys, Refinery29, and Teen Vogue.

How did you & Ilana originally meet?

This is such a New York story! I was walking my dog, Lola, who was still pretty young and overly excitable at the time. She was going a little bit nuts and I was casually, sweatily trying to control her when Ilana walked by. Since she’s a huge animal lover she came up and gave Lola some love and played with her a bit. I had been a big Ilana Kohn fan for a while, so I commented on her jumpsuit because I loved it. She said she made it and I realized who she was—it was sort of like a mini-celebrity spotting for someone who loves fashion and small brands as much as I do. Lola and I were equally thrilled and Ilana and I have stayed buds since!

Is Lola the cutest pup ever?

I mean, yes/duh. Obviously, everyone thinks their pet or kid or whatever is the best, so I think she is the best. But really, I’m sort of an animal freak in general. To give you an idea about the type of gal I am, I grew up in Atlanta and was a kid when the Olympics were hosted there in 1996. The Olympic park downtown allowed people to buy bricks and engrave them with whatever messages they wanted. My sister did her name and graduation year and I went with “Robin Reetz - Animal Lover.” I have a copy of that brick in my apartment now and am pretty sure that should that opportunity come up again, I would have it engraved with the same damn thing.