Portland, Maine


Portland, Maine

In case you missed it, recently, Ilana Kohn + Team took a trip to visit our buds at Judith in Portland, Maine!

(Fun Fact: We were their first ever trunk show, right after they opened in the original space. And this time we had the distinct honor of getting to break in their incredible, brand spankin' NEW space as the first trunk show there too!)

DAY 1:

We kicked off the trip with a few of our most favorite things.. eating and shopping. :)

DAY 2:

We snarfed cinnamon roll pancakes for breakfast and then we headed over to Judith to set up for the day.

Some of our amazing customers who came by the pop up:

We were joined by One & Supp, who supplied the most amazing floral arrangement + snacks + IK bread (!!!).

We pet all the pups.

DAY 3:

Our day off! We started off at our new favorite coffee shop, Tandem!! Jalapeno Cheddar Biscuits!!

Full & happy, we hauled ourselves off the beach.

And then just like that, it was time to head home. :(

Bye Bye Portland!! Thank you for all the fun!!