Pamela Baker-Miller | 15 Years of Frances May!


Pamela Baker-Miller | 15 Years of Frances May!

While in Portland recently, we had the absolute pleasure to shoot Pamela Baker-Miller, the owner of Frances May, on the very day they were celebrating their FIFTEEN year anniversary!

This felt incredibly appropriate as Frances May were one of the very first stores to carry our goods when we started back in 2012! They were our longest running account and stuck by us until the very end, when we discontinued wholesale during the pandemic.

Another fun fact, Pam & I both went to Pratt, class of '04, WHOO!

So of COURSE it feels incredibly appropriate to feature Frances May on our Journal just as they are ringing in their FIFTEEN year anniversary!

<3 TO ANOTHER 15 PAM! <3

We love you guys!

Pictures by Ilana Kohn & Ryan Leyba

We can't believe it's been 15 years of Frances May? Feelings, thoughts on this massive milestone?

I can't believe it either! This year has felt particularly momentous. Coming out of the pandemic and going through so many challenges over the last three years, making it 15 years feels like a big win.

We are also looking forward to some exciting news that will be a game-changer for us in the coming weeks. 15 years, and I'm ready for the level up...

15 years in business, I'm sure you've encountered a lot of things from the amazing to the insane. Any particularly memorable moments (anywhere on the spectrum!) you'd like to share?

People blow me away. I won't get into the nitty gritty, but working in retail, you get a glimpse into people's lives, which is fascinating. We have seen it all, amazing & insane.

Reflecting back, is there any advice you would offer to newer folks in the industry?

The staff, vendors, designers, and friends that have helped me get this far cannot be overstated. I would be nothing without my community. I'm so grateful to the folks in the Frances May orbit that have allowed us to continue doing the work we love.

My advice is to be kind, follow your intuition, never send an angry email, and have fun because the journey is the best part.