Nkosi Gomez


Nkosi Gomez

Sometimes serendipity strikes in the form of an artist reaching out to collaborate with results are just so much more amazing and engaging than one could have ever expected..

Check out said collaboration with Miami based artist Nkosi Gomez who's photographs often feel more like graphic abstract paintings and dreams.

Enjoy these pictures so so much friends!

xx <3 xx

Where do you find your inspiration?

Inspiration is such a necessary feeling isn't it? Many times it has been a whole body sensation while on foot searching out the visible & overlooked. I can say confidently that the inspiration is produced from the elements of design and how they play out in just about any scene. Color & Line can be quite obvious inasmuch as how they cater to our child-like senses. Industrial Places where there are warehouses, construction sites offer so much potential to what I generally want to achieve visually. Also, it is only fair that I mention the following artist, Ben Zank & Brooke Di Donato. These light benders are compositional wizards. I do indeed believe in their sorcery.

Who/What are your favorite subjects to shoot?

I enjoy photographing people who generally aren't so much in the public's eye. The loners & alternatives of society. People who I can connect with more mentally. I see subjects as a part of a solution to an already dense formula. In most cases the subjects allude to the view of their face for the final edit. I enjoy this because it promotes wonderment that way the viewer can't by default attach any particular emotion. However, most of the people I create with are friends or partisans of my work!

Any exciting upcoming projects we should know about?!

Day by day I am scouting spaces and conceptualizing imagery to add to Series I; An on-going body of work I've been steadily focusing on since about 2017. Another overdue photographic book is in the works. It has been such an inward journey the past 2 years creating during the corona persona and all the challenges it has birthed. Leaning forward, I am focused and placing my attention into the areas of my mind where the unknown exist.