Molly Baz + The Baz Apron


Molly Baz + The Baz Apron

How can we even begin to express how excited we were when our good friend Molly Baz approached us with the idea of collaborating on the apron of her dreams!

For someone like Molly, who spends countless hours in the kitchen cooking & concocting, she had some very specific ideas of what she was looking for and we took this project quite seriously. We made every effort to get it just right.

We are now *beyond* stoked to share with you all the fruits of this challenge!

*(Massive thanks to our very own Nico, the chefliest babe we know who oversaw this project from start to finish!!)*

What's your *favorite* thing to cook? Mind sharing a recipe? :)

This is without a doubt the question I get asked the most frequently, and it's always been the hardest one to answer. I could never choose, it's like asking someone to name their favorite child! The thing that I love about cooking is its limitlessness. You can cook a different dish every day for the rest of your life and still barely make a dent in the infinitude of possibilities. I rarely cook the same thing twice, except when testing out and tweaking recipe. And even so, each version of the dish has a different identity than the last. But I suppose if I HAD to pick one type of dish that I find myself constantly re-iterating, it's the humble but mighty Roast Chicken. I could eat roast chicken every day of my life and never tire of it. I make some version of a whole roasted chicken at least once a week and don't ever see that ritual coming to an end. At the moment, I'm particularly infatuated with the low and slow method (that is, roasting a whole bird at a very low temperature for several hours, until it is impossibly tender and juicy.) Here's a recipe I recently developed that employs that method: __[BA Slow Roast Gochuchang Chicken](

You love to travel! When you travel, what are your go-to's for finding the best meals?

YES! I DO! I feel very lucky to have a big network of food obsessed people around me to tap whenever I'm planning travel, so first hand recommendations are always the guiding principle when plotting my meals. I very rarely eat at fine dining, fussy restaurants when I travel. It's not the way I like to eat when I'm home, and therefore not the way I like to explore other food cultures. I generally opt instead for casual eats, street food, mom and pop, hole-in-the-wall type of joints. That's how you really get to know the food of an unfamiliar place--you eat where the people eat. I also try not to make more than one or two select dinner reservations in advance. I like to leave things open ended, to allow for discovering the unexpected when I travel. You can have the most epic list of recommended spots on the planet and are still most likely to have your tastiest and most memorable meals in places you stumble across on a whim.

Any exciting upcoming projects we should know about?

Funny you should ask, I'm currently in the midst of writing my first cookbook! AH!!! Writing a cookbook has been a lifelong dream and I certainly did not think it would become a reality until much further down the line in my career. But now that I'm writing it, it feels like it's exactly what I need to be doing right now. It's a book whose primary intention is to get people PUMPED to be in the kitchen. I am honestly super worried that our generation is going to grow up, start building families, and realize that we either don't have the time to, or don't care to learn how to put a home cooked meal on the table. In a world that is over crowded with take out, fast casual, on the run kinds of pre-made food options, it's so easy to get by without ever having to learn how to cook. Cooking needs to be really freaking fun if you're going to commit to doing it regularly, and my hope is that this book will reveal that side of cooking for my readers. It's a very technique driven, cooking fundamentals kind of book, all wrapped up in a bunch of really fun, silly, simple yet delish recipes. It will publish Spring 2021 and I am so excited to welcome it into the world!!