Merci Milo


Merci Milo

We recently had the immense pleasure of shooting our friend Carol Rodrigues, owner of the most magical of toy stores, Merci Milo.

(Not gonna lie and pretend like I didn't leave with a few toys for myself!)

Anyone in the LA or Portland area should absolutely stop by!

Pics by Ilana Kohn & Ryan Leyba

Your shop is absolutely magical! What led you to decide to open a toy store?

Our daughter Milo was born during a time of uncertainty in my life, I was working a 9-5 at a fashion company in new york city, the environment was toxic for my mental health. When she came into the world I was delighted with new inspiration. I wanted to build something that was positive, that I could hold dear to me, and that would bring so much joy to Milo and other children.

I'm sure you've had so many memorable, magical moments in the store. Are there any that stand out to you in particular?

When we celebrated our very first year in Highland Park, Los Angeles was the most memorable. Little did we know we would own a physical brick and mortar shop and the entire community showed up for us. Having the community come through was the most magical moment.

What is your most favorite toy that you've ever had in the store?

Our most recent trip to Korea, brought a lot of inspiration. I was able to bring back some childhood toys to showcase in the shop. Once of them is a hamster vending machine. It is the most cutest thing ever!