Jess Rona


Jess Rona

If you know, you KNOW. For the best flowing puppy locks content on the gram, Jess Rona is where it's AT.

We were so lucky to have the opportunity to spend the afternoon with her in her LA salon talking all things critters, pet grooming and more critters!

And let's not forget the BIGGEST shout out to Chelito & Georgie for being the BEST BEST BEST and joining the shoot!

Pics by Ilana Kohn

What is the wildest thing a dog has ever done while being groomed?

Oh man, I've been pooped on, peed on, sneezed on, you name it, it's happened.

You have loads of puppy & kitty kitsch decorating your salon! Do you have a favorite piece? What's the story behind it?

I really love this gold mirror with a momma basset hound and her two babies. It's so rare to find a completely intact figurine set like that. I found it at the Santa Monica flea market and paired it with a gold mirror with a shelf and I just love it. It's so rare and it makes me so happy. Usually you see spaghetti poodles, but this is something from the 60s with such a specific vibe and I just love it so much.

You have a DREAM JOB! What is your absolute fave part of it?

Grooming dogs is so fulfilling because it's like you're giving gifts to people when they pick up their dogs. Seeing the clients reaction and knowing you're giving the dogs a little extra love and attention is so fulfilling.