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Corinna & Theresa of CELSIOUS


Corinna & Theresa of CELSIOUS

Award for one of the most unique businesses of the year goes to our friends, Corinna & Theresa, over at Celsious, a gorgeous and innovative laundromat located in Williamsburg! We were so very lucky that they managed to find some time for us to come play dress up with them at their gorgeous space. :)

What are your style weaknesses? i.e. items you can never resist?

Corinna: Limited edition items. When I know that something could sell out and I might not be able to buy it in the future, it makes some things irresistible!

Theresa: Workout clothes. I’m pretty good at holding back from buying a lot of things, but I can’t resist a cute sports bra.

What's the best part about working with your sister? What's the hardest?

Corinna: The best (and worst) part is that we get to hang out all the time. Sometimes this leads to working for far too long because we actually like hanging out with each other.

Theresa: The best part is getting to collaborate! The downside is that sometimes we don’t split tasks as effectively as we could because of how much we enjoy working on things together.

What's your go-to laundry day look?

Because we own a laundromat, every day is laundry day! Our go-to: comfortable shoes and a sunshine yellow Celsious t-shirt. As for the rest of our outfits, comfort is key. Corinna usually opts for pants or a skirt while Theresa loves a jumpsuit (especially her Ilana Kohn denim jumpsuit!).

Any insider laundry hacks we should know about?

Unbutton your clothes before putting them in the wash. Keeping them buttoned during the spin cycle can cause a lot of tension and lead to button loss!

Turn clothes inside out before washing them to preserve their colors.

Wash with cold water (to preserve natural fibers) and dry on a low temp (for the environment)!