Chelsy & Melissa Mitchell | Part 1


Chelsy & Melissa Mitchell | Part 1

With warm weather on the way, we decided what better way to kick off spring than taking a mini-road trip! Geneva and IK packed up their photo equipment (..and trust us there was LOTS) along with our favorite petite friendly looks and headed upstate to visit some of our friends, twins Melissa and Chelsy Mitchell at Chelsy's dreamy house in Gardner, NY.

Chelsy, we were able to do the shoot at your gorgeous property upstate. Will you tell us a little about what you and your husband do?

Absolutely! My husband started his company ‘Far Out Finds’ 6 years ago now. We import vintage Danish modern furniture directly from Denmark. Not only do we important and sell the furniture here in the states we also refinish every piece that comes through the shop and we repair anything that needs it. We had the business in Brooklyn for five years and a year ago we moved everything to a chunk of land in the woods next to the Shawangunk Mountains and haven’t looked back. It’s part workshop, part warehouse, part living area, part magic.

Who's that adorable pup you've got running around in the pictures? IK wants to know EVERYTHING about him.

That's Gunther! a four and a half year old poodle wheaten terrier also known as a whoodle, also known as my shadow. He enjoys riding in the company van, waking with the sun, and hiking.