Breakfast "BREKKIE" Oliver


Breakfast "BREKKIE" Oliver

Introducing Breakfast "BREKKIE" Oliver! She's our resident *CEO who enjoys 'sharing' seats, eye boogers, high end napping spots, pizza baby, burger baby & being the center of attention. Dislikes: Being left behind, Violet, Veggies (with the exception of carrots).

**Canine Executive Officer*

Read all about it in this EXCLUSIVE interview!

You have beds all over the office, do you have a favorite?

Whichever is the closest to the most people!

Brekkie, what's your favorite place to vacation?

I love Harriman State Park! We go camping and hiking and swimming and personally, I do love to run after deer when I spot them.

Breakfast, as you know, you're a great therapy dog, but are you investing enough time in your emotional well-being?

As you know, I can get pretty anxious, but I've been practicing self-soothing (licking chairs, always having pizza baby around!) and asking for help when I need it ("Please. I need on your chair now. Please let me on the back of your chair. Please.").

What's your favorite treat Mabel sneaks you under the lunch table?

Bread, sweet potato, chicken, I can count on Mabel for pretty much whatever I want, so she's my go-to for a knee to rest my head on during lunch. But I can't have too much.. I get a little, erm, gassy...

What's your favorite IK go-to outfit?

Everyone insists on dressing me up in jumpsuits and shirts and sometimes pants, but I think my body looks best au naturale, accented by one of the new bandanas around my neck.

Are you more into Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter?

Definitely Spring/Summer! When it rains too much or snows, I get left at home, which I really dislike.