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Block Shop

We're gonna guess that if you're reading this, you love print. And if you love print, you definitely know the ladies of Block Shop.

We had the pleasure of meeting up with Hopie & Grier at their gorgeous new store in Atwater, while we were in LA recently. Such a visual treat!

We hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we do!

Photos by Ilana Kohn & Ryan Leyba

I remember when you first started Block Shop and how it came about, it's an amazing story, can you give us a rundown?

As artists ourselves, we’ve always been passionate about specialized artforms and their histories, from block printing to weaving. We started Block Shop organically out of the joy of designing textiles, which we thought of as art pieces you could live with.

Our business started over 10 years ago with block printing in Rajasthan, where my sister was living at the time on a painting apprenticeship, and where we continue to partner with printing organizations like the woman-run Craft Boat, who uses an incredible low-waste process to make all our paper products. It started as a passion project, but within a year, it became a realization of our dream to run a creative business as sisters.

Our core principles of creativity, joy, and compassion underscore everything we do. They were present when we launched our business ten years ago, and continue to drive us today. We’re now a flourishing small business with a team of ten women and non-binary people in LA, with textile partnerships in Italy, India, and the US.

We pay fair, living wages, commit to environmentally friendly processes by reusing textile waste and producing in small batches, and we donate 5% of our profits to community initiatives in India and LA.

We just opened our first store in LA! It’s in Atwater Village, and the interior is unlike anything on the Eastside. Custom murano glass chandelier, Shakers-gone-off-the-rails sawtooth cabinetry in flame red, a canary melon dressing room wallpapered and block printed in matching prints. Hopie made the giant bronze snail door handle, and the store is a symphony of color, showcasing our luxurious robes and table linens, plus all sorts of sumptuous home goods and jewelry. We designed it ourselves without the help of an interior designer or architect. Come visit!

You guys have block printed SO many things, does any particular project hold a special place in your hearts?

Hmmm. We’re best known for our large scale, abstract geometric patterns like our iconic sidewinder robe. But we’re really excited about our foray into florals and more figurative designs, which take inspiration from a range of sources from painter Joe Brainard, to Alexander Calder’s wire circus sculptures, to Pennsylvania Dutch folk art, to Mughal miniature painting, to French Art Deco wallpaper.

I am obsessed with our new wallpaper, the Peony in particular, and also can’t wait to put our new jute Trellis rug in my house hehe.

You guys are TRULY a family biz, what is that like? Do you want to murder each other on a regular basis or is it a dream?

It's both! Starting a family business is an insane thing to do lol. Last year I calculated how many days we spent apart and it was 12. Where it becomes magical and where we wouldn't trade it for the world is when we're in a sister flow state. When we're flowing it feels like we're moving at the speed of light. It's so much fun. (GS)

WHEN are you going to come do an event and hang out in nyc?!