Beatrice Valenzuela


Beatrice Valenzuela

It would certainly be an understatement to say that we are fans of Beatrice Valenzuela. If only it would stay 70 degrees year round in NYC so we would never have to wear anything but her glorious sandalias. But that is the least of it. Beatrice designs gorgeous clothes & jewelry, is one of the original founders of Echo Park Craft Fair and still somehow manages to find time for work as a stylist and to make incredible cocktails to boot. She is a wonder woman!

To have had the opportunity to come by her beautiful (and perfectly lived in) house for some dress up and cocktails pretty much made our whole September. :)

You are a very busy lady with your fingers in a million (amazing & large) pies! What do you like best about having so many creative balls in the air at all times?

I can only focus on something intensely for about 15 minutes and then my focus needs to change. Something happens in my brain that needs to switch gears, so I use this to my advantage. It keeps my mind flowing and my creative impulses organic. I’m able to redirect my attention with intensity into something else. In the past, when I've tried to stick to only one thing in my life I became sad and bored, so I continue to live life through my instincts and it has really worked for me. I quite enjoy it!

What is your FAVORITE thing you've ever created?

I didn’t do it alone, but creating Echo Park Craft Fair with my partner Rachel Craven along with a whole lot of artists, designers, chefs, production coordinators, web designers and production assistants. For those who do not know about it, it’s a beautiful bi-annual makers' market that takes place in Silver Lake’s, Mack Sennet Studios in May and in December. We will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary next Spring. It’s a momentous milestone for us all; the founders, the production team, and the artists, alike. I feel very honored to have facilitated the creating space for inspiring work. I wanted to create a community where creative minds can come together and support one another while bringing beauty to our community. And it worked!

What is the second favorite thing you've ever created?

Probably our beloved sandalia. I really wanted to make something the would work for all kinds of women in all kinds of situations. I like that no matter how old one is the sandalia is a good choice. I’m proud to offer a comfortable yet chic option in today’s fashion market. It really makes me very happy.

Best cocktail you've ever made? Recipe please?!

I think my California Citrus Margarita. I’ve perfected it with time. Try it, I promise you would love it!

Makes one:

- 1 shot of tequila
- 1/2 shot of mezcal
- The juice of one small orange (cara cara or a blood orange)
- The juice of 1/2 a lemon
- 1/2 a teaspoon of yuzu pepper sauce
- A pinch of salt
- 1 tablespoon of agave or honey
- 1/2 a teaspoon of rose water or orange blossom water
- Ice, Shake well, then top with white or pink sparkling wine.

Add a rim of salt, brown sugar, cayenne pepper and za’atar.