Bari Ziperstein


Bari Ziperstein


You are one of my favorite artists around! Would love a quick overview of what inspires your work and makes it so dramatically different from everything else out there?!

Your are oh too generous Ilana, right back at you with your everyday elevated basics - that I'm actually wearing now as I type this interview! My plural practice of art and design is ceramic based and a cross between craft, feminism and conceptual theory. My one of a kind sculptures are Influenced by historical references to Soviet Era Propaganda posters, historical pottery, and pattern / decoration. While the open edition production line is focus on multiples, scale, and color. Often referencing Brutalist architecture, geometric patterns, and repetition. While these influences are specific to me, they are generic - but it's how those interests are applied to the forms we make, the process, and the type of studio we run.

Since the time we met (years ago at this point?!), your business has grown a lot! What would you say is the biggest lesson, business wise, that you've learned in that time?

Yes, we've known each other for such a long time - meeting at one of the fashion markets in NYC while I was just starting to show my production line in the accessories areas. Speaking of which, going to trade shows has been essential for my business - but in hindsight - I think remaining loyal to my artistic practice while starting BZIPPY & CO has been very grounding. Also, that with each stage of the business - the culture of the team shifts and risks become more apparent. I've found that it's important to remain fluid in the face of all of the change - never get too comfortable. Not only will the business teach you that but clay, as well!

You produce a candy land of glazes in all kinds of colors, do you have a fave?

The additions of a matte cherry red and gloss cinnamon have me captivated - each on a different spectrum of taste I suppose! My favorite color is UPS brown - so this is the closest I can get to for now......there is just something about the depth of the Cinnamon glaze on our smaller works. Adds a different era to the works.

Any upcoming exhibitions we should know about?

Yes, lots - traveling around a lot to work towards these exhibitions. Currently in Aukland, NZ as the judge of the Portage Ceramic Prize - an annual national ceramic prize for ceramic artists held at the Te Uru Gallery just West of City Center. Where I curated an exhibition of finalist and honored many national artists for this exhibition. In late Jan, I have a solo art exhibition at Charles Moffett Gallery in NYC of recently completed works based on Russian Propaganda from the archives of the Wende Museum, a Cold War Museum in Culver City. In late Dec, I'll be at the Echo Park Craft Fair and the Hauser & Wirth market events - mainly showing various scale planters.