Adele Tetangco


Adele Tetangco

Adele Tetangco, a dear friend to the IK team, is the co-founder of Garmentory and new clothing line Tigre et Tigre. Other than being a skilled business wiz and the life of every party, Adele Tetangco, is also a styling expert. She and her husband (and personal photographer 😋) Ryan Savella, stopped into One of a Few in their hometown of Vancouver, to check out the AW18 collection and tried it on with a few other gems in the store!

All photos by Ryan Savella.

Any new projects or life events on the horizon you're excited about?

I recently started a small clothing line (Tigre et Tigre) with my friend Alnea who also does Toit Volant. The concept is that nothing retails over $220, it's all made in LA ethically, and we produce four small capsule collections a year. It’s exciting! It’s both of our second clothing brands that we’ve been involved in. So it’s been fun to have more of a grasp on what to do.

How did you and Ryan meet? Tell us the story of how you got engaged!

Ryan and I met through mutual friends… at the bar. As far as getting engaged, he never asked me! I decided! We already lived together for a long time, and Cielo [their daughter and namesake of the Cielo Skirt] was already 2 years old. Every time we did something special - i.e. - celebrate my birthday, go on a trip - I thought he was going to ask me. But it never came! So I asked him - are you ever going to ask me to marry you? I just needed to know. He told me that he didn’t think he was because he didn’t think that we needed to. We are unconventional, so it didn’t really matter. I sat on that for a bit and decided that I wanted to get married. I was in NYC, and I found a beautiful Katie Diamond ring, so I bought it! And we got married.

Favorite cocktail? Favorite karaoke song?

Vodka Water.

Eternal Flame by the Bangles.